Benefits of a Compost Bin in Your Kitchen

Installing a manufactured compost bin in your kitchen makes it easy to recycle kitchen scraps. Products like the NatureMill Kitchen Composter are specially made to heat and mix the waste automatically and produce compost for your garden in just a few weeks. A carbon filter on the unit circulates air through the compost while keeping odors out of your kitchen.


There’s an awful lot of kitchen scraps that should be put in your compost pile and not thrown away. Things like egg shells, coffee grounds and vegetable cuttings. But suppose you don’t have the room for a big compost heap. Or maybe you live in a condo or an apartment, but still want to re-use those scraps. Well, here’s an idea. Why not make compost in your kitchen? I know that sounds pretty nasty, but there are some innovative indoor compost bins that can really do the job. These self-contained units allow you to discard your food scraps along with things like sawdust or paper to help balance the mix. Some even use living microorganisms to speed the decomposition process. They also have things like carbon filters to make sure you don’t smell any of the compost. Let’s face it, having a putrid smell lingering in the kitchen wouldn’t do much for your appetite. It takes anywhere from two to four weeks for some indoor bins to create a good compost and when it’s ready, use it in flower beds, gardens and lawns.

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