Bathroom Ideas: 8 Products That Will Wow You in 2020

Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas is a great place to find exciting new ideas and products for your bathroom. Here are some of our top picks for your bathroom.

Having a healthy home is a priority for any homeowner, and Broan is making it easier than ever with its SurfaceShield vent fan that removes stale air and moisture and has a light that uses antibacterial LED technology to kill germs.

Cleaning toilets is a dreaded bathroom chore, but TOTO is here to help! Its Neorest smart toilet opens when you approach and has a smooth finish that’s easy to wipe down and keep spotless. It even has a built-in bidet that cleans itself!

Here’s an idea: Want to save on your water bill? Start with the bathroom! The new Nebia showerhead from Moen uses water-splitting technology that saves you money but still provides more pressure and doubles the water coverage of traditional showers. Moen also has a new sink faucet that responds to voice commands and dispenses precise measurements.

The new Lemora Bath collection from Gerber can also save you thousands of gallons of water with a WaterSense Certified toilet. The collection draws on nature’s inspiration with a sleek line of complementary fittings and bath solutions.

If you want to update the look and feel of your bathroom, why not start with counters from Formica? Their new line, “Living Impressions,” offers six artistic interpretations of natural materials that create a “serene and clean” feel for modern homes.

And, with these stylish cabinets from Wellborn, everything has its place! Maximize your storage with these sleek and functional cabinets.

Then, head over to Atlas Homewares and Top Knobs for the most on-trend hardware for your new cabinetry.

Want to enhance your bathroom with these ideas? Just make a few changes and your daily routine will be even more refreshing!

Watch the video above to see these products in action.

Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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