Advantages of Natural Clay Plaster for Your Home

Natural clay wall plaster, such as the products from American Clay, is easy to apply and can give your home a unique look. Unlike most wall paints, natural clay contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the coating can actually add insulation value to your exterior walls.


Sculpting modeling clay is a favorite activity for kids everywhere, and they can be pretty imaginative with the things they can make from it. But there’s a pretty green use for clay that you might not know about. You can use different forms of clay on your interior walls, but this isn’t the stuff you want to use.

First, there’s clay plaster. This is actually something that people have used for hundreds of years and you might think it will make your room look like an adobe hut, and that could be the case if you want, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing designs and textures that make it very appealing visually and it’s easy to learn how to apply it.

There’s also a clay paint available, which is easier to apply than the plaster, but not as expressive with texture. Both of these items have no volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde or any known carcinogens. Plus, with the plaster you get an added insulation factor to help reduce your home’s energy costs.


  1. this helped i was thinking to use plaster to seal of an interior wall that used to be exterior, but the local building supply store had no idea if it would work.

    contractors are always too busy. so Im on my own. I can paint and I can plaster walls. I live on limited income.

    thank you

  2. Am needing to plaster new build home. If this is something that is healthy and can be done . I’m for it. Have the will to learn, yet no experience. Thank you

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