Advantages of an Impact Driver for Driving Screws

Most DIYers own a cordless drill/driver which is a great tool for drilling holes and driving short screws. While they’re versatile, cordless drill/drivers lack the power needed to drive long screws or lag screws.

To tackle heavy duty screwing jobs, such as installing a deck, consider using a cordless impact driver. An impact driver combines rotation with percussion that uses a hammering action to drive screws faster than standard drill/drivers.

While impact drivers cost more than drill/drivers, they deliver three to four times the power to get the job done faster and easier. Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Caution! Do NOT try an impact driver unless you have the money to buy one. This could be damaging to your emotional health.

    The short video doesn’t mention three of the impact’s advantages. Driving long screws is nearly effortless. Cam-out is a thing of the past. They provide nearly perfect control.

    Can you tell I like my impact driver?


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