Advantages of a Solar Cooker or Oven

You can make your own solar oven or purchase one that is ready to use. While solar cookers take longer to cook and won’t work for every meal; under the right conditions, they can save both energy and labor.


The very best thing you can do with green thinking is to pass it on to the next generation. Here’s a really fun way to do that. This is a solar oven I made from a pizza box. It’s really simple and the kids can use it to make s’mores or cookies. Even though this is a great activity for the kids, it’s just a smaller version of what’s available for you. Solar cooking has been around since the dawn of time, and an oven can be built easily or you can purchase one ready to use. While it’s true that a solar oven won’t cook every meal, using one even once a week will help cut back on energy use. In fact, you can cook an entire meal using no energy or fuel at all. Solar cookers do take longer to cook food compared to an oven, but since it requires less hands-on time cooking, it might be an acceptable trade-off.


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