A Simple Tool to Remove Roots

Roots are a fact of life. Whether you’re digging a garden or planting a tree, you’ll encounter them soon.

And whether they’re surface roots, or roots buried deep in the ground, you need to remove them.

A pointed spade is the best tool for digging in the ground, but roots tend to slide off its ends.

Fortunately, there’s a Simple Solution!

You can modify a pointed spade so it’s a perfect root-cutting tool.

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.


  1. Can you tell me the easiest way to remove the base of a bird of paradise? It is about 3 feet round. Thank you.

    • Hi Tissy. Some things you can only determine in person.
      We suggest contacting your local Master Gardeners association for a quick visit.
      Master gardeners make house calls and provide free advice to local people.
      Thanks for your question, and good luck!


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