Win Danny & His Crew Contest Winner 2016

Each year on Today’s Homeowner we feature a contest called “Win Danny and His Crew.” The winner gets our help with their list of household chores, and this year that lucky homeowner is Tamera Pippin of Lynchburg, Va. She was excited to welcome our crew to her 1958 home, which was in amazingly good condition for its age.

We helped Tamera with several outdoor maintenance projects:

  • Replacing outdoor light fixtures
  • Fixing a leaky gutter
  • Repairing loose shutters
  • Installing a cap on the chimney
  • Fixing cracks in the front door threshold
  • Refinishing the patio furniture

Then, we moved inside to tackle the remaining items on her to-do list:

  • Upgrading the electrical system in the basement
  • Replacing the shower head
  • Replacing the pop-up drain in bathroom sink
  • Repairing the loose faucet in the kitchen
  • Replacing the transition strip between vinyl and hardwood floor

Read the Episode Article for details.


  1. Emergency help needed for my elderly parents. My mother is 83 and my father 88. They have been married for 66 years. My mother is having mobility problems due to her legs which will not bend due to the fluid build up. We physically have to lift her each feet to climb the stairs. Their second problem is the water pipe system which is outdated. The faucet in my mother’s bathroom is a trickle. Please help !!!! Thanks! Love watching your show!


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