3 Outdoor Chores You Need to Tackle Before Winter

Getting your home ready for the late fall and winter? Don’t ignore these outdoor chores.

Filling hole with expanding spray foam insulation.
Expanding spray foam insulation is the solution for holes around hose bibs.

1. Seal the Home’s Envelope

Caulk around all doors and windows to prevent outdoor air from coming inside your home.
•Use expanding foam for large cracks around hose bibs and other protrusions on the home’s exterior

2. Prepare for a Hard Freeze

•Take care of your pipes! Don’t rush to the home center for insulation at the last minute. Cover outdoor pipes with snap-on foam insulation
•Use pre-made insulating covers for hose bibs
•Drain your lawn irrigation system now — residual water will freeze in the lines and can cause damage.

3. Tackle the Least Favorite Jobs

•Get up on the roof and give it a good once-over. Clear away leaves and branches, especially around the chimney and valleys. Standing debris can trap water and lead to shingle damage.
•Trim any tree limbs close to your roof, especially dead branches that could fall in a snowstorm and damage your roof or gutters.
•Speaking of gutters, now is the time to clear them out! Clogged and overflowing gutters can damage your home’s soffits, fascia, and foundation when water flows over the top of the gutter.



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