Using Porcelain Tile in a Shower

I’m adding a tiled shower to our bathroom. Would porcelain tile be a good choice for that application? -Joe

Hi Joe,

Porcelain tile would be a great choice for a shower, since they’re made from a finer clay and fired at higher temperatures than standard ceramic tile. This makes porcelain tile harder, more durable, and less porous than regular ceramic tile. That last quality is important in a shower, since it means that porcelain tile will absorb less water than other types of ceramic tile.

Good luck with your project,



  1. I recently installed porcelain tile, but after installed I noticed an opaque look instead of shiny wet look, which makes it look cleaner. the men that installed the tile told me not to use any gloss on porcelain, but I have been researching on line, most of them recommend I can. Can you please give me your opinion?
    Thank you

  2. I am considering laying tile over my entire ground floor which currently has tile and oak floors. On the existing tile do I “rough up” the surface for better adhesion? On the oak plank will using a latex membrane work?
    Thanks, Mari


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