Top Window Ideas and Trends for 2019

Woman washing window
Glass windows are more affordable and can be easier to maintain than plexiglass windows. Plexiglass windows are easier to scratch, so greater care is needed when cleaning them.

Popular Window Materials

We’ll break this down into two sections: materials for the actual window and materials for window treatments.

Vinyl windows are popular due to their energy efficiency and affordability. If you are shopping around on a bigger budget, fiberglass has superior insulation and structural performance.

Meanwhile, popular window treatment material includes woven wood, silk or velvet. Wood evokes an eco-friendly home. Meanwhile, silk and velvet offer a classy and luxurious appearance.

Eco-friendly home
With just a few adjustments, you can make your home more eco-friendly, little by little. (DepositPhotos)

Eco-Friendly Window Designs

Environmentally friendly products are the biggest trend in all types of home improvement products.

Whether you think it’s a fad that will eventually fade or the future, it is a good idea to jump aboard for now.

Everything is becoming eco-friendly and your windows are one of the greatest sources of it in the home.

The best replacement windows can substantially reduce energy costs and are starting to get produced with more sustainable, earth-friendly materials.

Today’s smart windows can turn opaque or clear with the touch of a button. (DepositPhotos)

Smart Technology

You may not associate the latest technology with home products like windows, yet even mundane products are getting completely revolutionized.

Some of the latest window technology includes windows that change from clear to opaque with the push of a button, glass that draws solar power, bird-friendly windows and even self-cleaning windows.


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