10 Edible Flowers to Grow, Cook and Eat

Pansy flowers

Edible Flower #3: Pansy

Pansy blossoms, along with their cousins violets and Johnny jump-ups, are not only edible but one of the few ways to brighten up the garden in late winter and early spring. They’re mild and kind of grassy-tasting – perfect for tossing, fresh-picked, in salads and using as garnishes.

Beware, as the darker colors will stain your tongue! To use as a cake or dessert decoration, lightly brush both sides of a pansy blossom with egg white, then dust it with sugar. Allow to dry on a tray overnight.

Pansies are annual flowers that grow in full sun or light shade. They don’t take the heat but will put on their best show in fall and spring, and in some areas bloom throughout the winter.


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