10 Edible Flowers to Grow, Cook and Eat

Daylily flower

Edible Flower #7: Daylily

If you’ve ever eaten Chinese hot and sour soup, chances are you’ve eaten dried daylily flowers, hiding behind the nickname “golden needles.” All varieties of daylily are edible, but the lighter colors have a milder flavor similar to green beans.

The easiest way to use daylilies is to harvest the unopened buds and sauté them in a little butter (or batter and fry them) for an impressive side dish. If you want to get fancy, add a handful of buds or petals to stir fry dishes and casseroles in place of green beans. You can also blanch and freeze the buds for use all winter.

Daylilies (Hemerocallis sp. ) are full-sun perennials, and most are hardy to planting zone 3. Check out our article on How To Grow Daylilies for more info.


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