Tips for Using a Rubber Mallet

A rubber mallet is a handy tool for assembling woodworking projects when you want to avoid damaging the surface. However, most rubber mallets are made of black rubber, which can leave marks on wood.

To prevent black marks, cover the end of the mallet with a white athletic sock.

A hammer can be used as a substitute for a rubber mallet by covering the head with a 1” diameter rubber tip.

Rubber tips are available at home improvement stores for use on the bottom of chair legs. Make sure to buy a white, rather than black, rubber tip to prevent black marks on the work.


  1. I have a problem with the kitchen floor. I need to take the particle floor up and put down ply wood. Reason I flooded the kitchen. And now it slopes. Do I have to remove the cabinets? What type of wood /nailsshould I use?

  2. Thank you for the tips for Using a Rubber Mallet. This video was very helpful for me, as now I understand I need to buy the rubber tip, so I will be able to use my hammer. (Since I don’t have a rubber mallet.)

  3. This tip saved the self-assembly project I started today, not knowing a rubber mallet was required! It was glass and chrome, so the black tip I had on hand worked fine. Thank you!


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