Every tool comes with an instruction manual. Now, most of us don’t read the instruction manual, even though we probably should. But it’s still a good idea to save them, especially for tools you don’t use that often, or that are complicated.

But where do you store the manuals so you can find them? Here’s one way. Put each manual in a ziplock bag, and cut out a part of the packaging so you can tell which manual is in each bag. To keep these readily accessible, hang them on a nail, right over the work bench.

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Joe Truini

Joe Truini

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Joe Truini is a contractor, author, and the host of “Simple Solutions” on Today’s Homeowner TV and the weekly Today’s Homeowner radio show. He has worked on both large commercial projects and residential remodeling, and has written for national publications such as This Old House and Popular Mechanics. He has also written eight books, including three best-selling shed-building books. Joe lives in Connecticut with his family and enjoys hiking, traveling, and baseball in his spare time.

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