Every homeowner needs a safe stepladder for projects around the house. 

Say you need to change a lightbulb hanging from your fixture in an 8-foot-tall entryway. Or, what about painting that entryway a fresh color?

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A traditional stepladder is easy to move around, but what about a compartment for project materials? And while a regular ladder may have a top surface to place tools, mobility is a concern.

It’s a common dilemma for homeowners: How do you know which ladder to choose?

Gorilla’s Dual Platform Ladder is the perfect combination of both! You have the convenience of a stepladder without the hassle of hauling around a traditional ladder.

Gorilla Dual Platform Ladder
Gorilla’s Dual Platform Ladder has a 10-foot maximum reach and withstands 300 pounds.

Best of Both Ladders

This 5.5-foot ladder features dual-platform top steps, providing three times the step depth of a traditional ladder.

It also offers a safe, secure and comfortable place to complete projects without hurting your feet. 

With the same maximum reach height (10 feet) as a standard 6-foot stepladder, this heavy-duty aluminum stepladder has a unique design that allows the ladder to be quickly and safely opened or closed with one hand.

That kind of convenience saves you time on the job, avoiding the pinch points of other ladders with spreader bars. 

Gorilla Dual Platform Ladder with Tray
Gorilla’s Dual Platform Ladder offers a convenient removable tray for materials.

Space for Materials 

A removable bucket tray that clips onto the top of the stepladder gives you a spacious, accessible work area.

It’s perfect for paint cans, tools, hardware and everything else you’ll need to keep handy while working.

Best of all, that means no more stepping up and down for materials on the floor!

Gorilla Dual Platform Ladder
Gorilla’s Dual Platform Ladder comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Built to Last

The professional-grade aluminum construction is lightweight, yet safe and strong. This ladder can withstand up to 300 pounds with its Type 1A Duty Rating from the American National Standards Institute. 

Although this ladder comes with a lifetime limited warranty, you’ll need to store it in a cool, dry place and keep the stool clean and free of all foreign materials.

Like with anything else in your home, proper maintenance will ensure it has a long lifetime!

Watch the video above to learn more about the Gorilla 5.5-foot Dual Platform Ladder.

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