Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Cordless Tools

As the demand for cordless tools increases, so does the need for a reliable battery that can provide sufficient power. Lithium-ion batteries are the answer.

I had a chance to test the line of Ryobi Lithium-Ion tools, which are 20% lighter, last twice as long during use, and hold a charge four times longer.

The batteries are also interchangeable with Ryobi’s other cordless tools.
Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. If I charge the battery fully in the evening
    and then take it off the charger overnight,
    will it still be fully charged in the morning?
    Thank you, judy

    • Hi, Judy!
      How long a battery holds its charge depends on the battery’s age and condition.
      Without knowing these factors, in your case, we wouldn’t want to speculate.
      The good news is, many Lithium-Ion batteries have power level indicators!

  2. If I charge my battery fully in the evening
    and take it off the charger overnight, will it still have full charge in the morning?

  3. Does it hurt the Lithium-ion battery if you leave the battery on the charger after charging completely? I was told by Home Depot that it does not hurt the battery.

    • Hi, Larry! It depends on the charger. Some will turn off the charging mechanism after the battery has fully charged; others won’t.
      Better safe than sorry and remove the battery from that charger.

  4. Instruction booklet for my 60V lithium battery string trimmer–CMCST960EI Craftsman– says take battery out if not in use. But a Q&A page on the Lowe’s site has a reply from Craftsman, “leave it in the charger all the time when not in use.” Two different responses! Whom to believe?
    When not in use, do I take battery out or not, and do I keep it in the charger all the time or just til charged? Does the charger have an automatic shutoff?
    Thanks for your help!


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