Ryobi 6-Port SuperCharger Battery Charger

I love power tools, especially cordless ones, but I don’t have enough plugs in my shop to keep all the batteries charged and ready to go . . . until now! The Ryobi 6-Port SuperCharger can keep the batteries on all your Ryobi 18-volt tools (both NiCd and Lithium-ion) charged up and ready to go.

The Ryobi SuperCharger uses energy efficient Intelliport™ Technology to maximize the life of your batteries, and it only cuts on when your batteries need charging. The Ryobi 6-Port SuperCharger is available at The Home Depot.


    • Hi Anne,
      The Ryobi SuperCharger is only for charging 18-volt Ryobi batteries. Also, keep in mind that it will only charge one battery at a time. I you put 6 rundown batteries on it, it will charge one, then the next one, etc. until they are all charged. After that it will continue to top off batteries left on the charger as needed.


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