The RIDGID Compact Jigsaw (Model# ZRR3101) is a great tool for making curved cuts in wood and other materials.

Features of the RIDGID Compact Jigsaw include:

  • Powerful 3-amp motor.
  • Cuts at 3,000 strokes per minute.
  • Can make bevel cuts up to a 45° angle.
  • Easy keyless blade changing.
  • Planetary gears for reduced vibration.
  • LED work light to illuminate work for cutting.
  • Sawdust blower to make it easy to see what you’re cutting.
  • Padded adjustable foot to keep from marring work.

The RIDGID Compact Jig Saw is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: Now, not all of your home improvement projects are going to require a jigsaw. But, boy, when they do, you want to have a really good one for making those intricate or radial cuts.

And take a look at this one by Ridgid. Now, this is their compact orbital jigsaw. There’s some really good talking points about this that I want to hit for you really quickly.

First of all, it’s got an innovative gear set. So, if you’ve ever used a jigsaw before, what that basically translates to is there’s not going to be a lot of vibration. So it’s not going to fatigue your hand as you use it.

Another thing I like about it is look at this grip. It’s got a great rubber grip, so it’s easy to control.

Now, the start switch is up here on the top, and it’s got what they call a soft start. So, this is a smooth start and finish every time.

Another thing I like about it is—I’m going to pick this up really quickly—is when you turn it on, you’re going to get an LED light that comes on and it illuminates the line as you are cutting it.

Another thing it has is a switch right here. You can turn on this little blower, and this blower blows the debris off the line so that you can see it.

Now, the last little feature I want to point out is take a look at this. This has got a metal foot for easy glide over your work surface. But it’s also encased in this plastic cap, so that it doesn’t mar your work surface as you go along.

So, if you’re in the market for a jigsaw, do your research. But I think you’re going to end up with this one right here.

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