DeWALT 5-in-1 hacksaw.
DeWALT 5-in-1 hacksaw.

The DeWALT 5-in-1 hacksaw can convert into five different saws to make it easy to fit into tight spots.

DeWALT 5-in-1 hacksaw includes:

  • Standard bow tension hacksaw
  • Low profile hacksaw
  • Long reach hacksaw
  • 45° angle hacksaw
  • Pistol grip jab saw

Other features include storage in the handle for the 12” long blades and an easy to use high tension adjustment lever.

The DeWALT 5-in-1 hacksaw is available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

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Jodi Marks: Well, I am in my favorite part of the store, I’m in the tool section, and I’m going to talk to you about a pretty common tool just about everybody has and that’s the hacksaw.

And the hacksaw is great for cutting plastic or metal. But you know what, sometimes you can’t get into those tight spots, so sometimes your little hacksaw can’t hack it. But take a look at this. DeWalt’s come out with a 5 in 1 hacksaw.

And again, it’s perfect—it works just like a hacksaw. But what I like best about it is that it converts actually into a jab saw right at your fingertips. Because this handle right here, when you take it apart, has a little blade right in here. You pop that on, and you can get some nice, rigid cuts with that.

This area right here also stores extra blades so they’re always at your fingertips. But what I really like about this is the fact that you can put this tension up to 330 pounds. With just a twist of this little knob right here, you can really increase the tension.

It can convert to a low profile saw. It can also be a long reach saw. It can convert very easily into a jab saw. So this is the perfect addition to your toolbox.

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