Improvised Solutions

It never fails, you’re in the middle of a project and you don’t have tools needed to complete it. Here are just a few improvised ideas that may get you over the hump.

  • When saw horses aren’t available but you’ve got a stepladder around, try resting your work under a ladder rung on one side and on top of a rung on the other side. The resulting vice is ideal for making cuts on narrow lumber.
  • For plywood cuts try laying the ladder on its side, but make sure your cuts don’t go through the ladder legs.
  • Working on the side hinges or lockset on a door usually requires a second person to hold the door upon edge, but a clamp may make an equally good helper. Attach a large C-clamp or bar clamp to each end of the door (facing opposite directions) and you’ve created a door stand.


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