How to Use a Ladder Safely

Follow these safety guidelines when working on an extension ladder or stepladder:

  • Keep your hips aligned over the ladder.
  • Keep your waist below the top of a stepladder.
  • Position an extension ladder so your arms can grasp the rung in front of you when standing straight up with your feet at the base of the ladder.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


When you’re working on a ladder it’s important to always keep your hips aligned between the vertical legs of the ladder. This way your center of gravity is directly over the ladder so it’s less likely to tip. On a folding “A” frame ladder, your waist should never be above the ladder top. To properly place an extension ladder, stand at the base and extend your arms toward it. If the angle is right, you should be able to grasp a rung with your outstretched hands.


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