Hole Saw Tip: How to Prevent Stuck Wood Plugs

Avid DIYers know you need to use a hole saw for drilling holes about 4 inches in diameter.

But hole saws have one annoying characteristic: when you’re drilling all the way through the board, the wood plug can often get stuck inside the hole saw and it’s difficult to remove.

Often, you have to disassemble the entire hole saw to remove it!

But there’s a Simple Solution to avoid that.

First, drill halfway through the board.

Then, flip the board over, put the pilot bit back in that hole, and finish drilling the hole.

The plug still sticks out about halfway. Usually, you can pull it out by hand. If not, you can use a pair of pliers.

Now, you’re all set and ready to drill the next hole!

The other benefit of this technique is that you have a clean surface with no splintering on either side of the board.

Watch the video to see Joe demonstrate this Simple Solution.


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