Handy Andy Tool Kit Collection

Several years ago I started collecting old Handy Andy tool kits, like the one I had growing up. I now have over 20 of them on a shelf in my office, ranging from the 1950s to the 1970s, and they really bring back memories. I purchased most of them from eBay for $10 to $20 or received them as gifts. Some have never been used and are in perfect condition while others have seen a lot of use.


  1. Hi I had a Handy Andy Tool box Blue just like the one on your shelf about the middle of your collection. As I recall it was about 1950 or 1951 Any info you can give me regarding where it was produced, when, what it contained Pictures, etc would be appreciated. I used parts of that tool box until well into my teens and the saw was still around until my early 20’s
    I am 65 and it was my first tool collection.

  2. I have found a wooden “Handy Andy” tool box in cleaning out my garage work shop. There are no tools in it. I’m a vintage 50’s-60’s lady who never heard of Handy Andy. Should I hold on to it as an antique? Or-Trash it? The box is in excellent shape. I couldn’t quite see anything like it in your video.

  3. One of the Handy Andy tool sets was just given to my little boy as a gift. I was wondering if there is any concern about led paint poisoning if he was to play/use the set?

  4. Perhaps you can help me. I just got a Handy Andy tool kit for Christmas. I cannot figure out how the tools go into the case. Unfortunately the place where a model number and date would be was taped over by the thrift store and came off with the tape. I’ve looked at many pictures of sets on-line but cannot find the exact one I’ve got. It is not a #602 or #604. The 604 is closer.

    It is in a wooden case with red label. The tools have blue paint. I have deduced that my set is missing a pair of pliers and the claw hammer. I think it might be missing a miter box and foldable ruler. I also have the blade for the miter saw and 4 other key hole type blades but they have no handle.

    I have determine where the screw drivers(3) and chisels (3) should go. What is confusing me is the level and the brace. There is a curved notch on the handle side (would be top when case was being carried) but I cannot see how the brace would go there and still allow the other pieces (screwdrivers and chisels) to fit. I also have two awls that other kits seem to have a special insert for them that this set does not have.

    Do you have a set that seems match for which you could show me the proper arrangement of the tools?

  5. i just purchased a handy dandy tool kit from someone, it is a 20 pc. carpenters set that is in a wooden case that has dovetail joints. all the tools are here and the case is in excellent condition as is the paper on the box that shows the contents as well as a picture of handy dandy holding a hammer. can anyone give me information on it’s age and what it may be worth? thanks!

  6. I just listed, 3/10/11, a Handy Andy Tool Set on eBay that I found at an estate sale. Thought you might be interested in it. Check it out.

  7. I received a Handy Andy wooden tool chest miniature tool set when I was 10~ YO for Xmas. It should NOT EVER be called a toy tool set, it was real with block plane, saw, hammer, level, screwdrivers… I have been looking to replace it myself for years. Tools had light blue handles, I belive it had a small miter box as well. I used it well into my teens and held onto it until a fire consumed much of my parent’s house when I was 23 YO and it became missing, I regret to say either destroyed or made off with by someone. Good luck to all those searching and collecting.

  8. Hi Earl, I was given a similar Handy Andy carpentry Tool kit as a child and am prepping it for sale on ebay. it sounds like yours but mine only came with 14 tools in a wooden case with the big sticker on the front. Each tool has it’s own compartment, but the folding ruler and clamp are missing. Mine is a model 600 and it was made in Poland so I hope that makes it rare as I plan to ask $50-$100 for it. I used it for a while until i discovered that my dad’s tools were more effective.

  9. I had a Handy Andy tool set also. Unlike my sister’s play kitchen my tool kit was useful beyond the realm of imagination. In a mindless trivia note the Handy Andy tool kit makes a cameo visit to the set of Hitchcock’s ” The Birds”. In the scene where Melanie Daniels arrives at Bodega Bay and proceeds to the general store to make inquiries- she engages the shopkeeper in conversation at his counter. The scene consists of a headshot of Ms. Daniels and the shopkeeper speaking, framed with a Handy Andy Toolkit in close backround. Handy Andy’s movie did not seem to have any adverse effects on this most utilitarian of childhood toys.

  10. Mr.Lipford, My father William Wurster gave me a knife sharpening device and I thought that you might be interested. It is Handy Andy clamp with stone and handle that cranks the stone. The original color is red with a gold and red sticker on it that reads Handy Andy below that it reads N0 1 the rest of the sticker is in not so good shape. I see no dates or serial numbers. I have no Idea how to find anything about it so I found you can you help or are you interested in this Item I also have another sharpening kit in a blck boxthat reads Lansky Sharpeners with tools inside. If you are interested or know anything about it get back with me via Email Thank-you Diana Wurster

  11. Hi dan
    great collection you have there i received one for a birthday present when i was 5 yrs old my mom took it away from me with in the wk.! after i caused much damage around the house !!! I just bought tool set #192 20 pc wood case
    blue label and was wondering if you would have a photo of that one it is a gift for my grandson and if i can get a picture i can get a label made for it other than the label it is like brand new!

  12. Nice collection, I’m trying to find one like I had when I was 4 years old, I even have a few of my orig tools. I just bought one and its wrong, what’s the measurements on the box w/ the dog house, but w/out the stripes, I just got that one and it is too small.

  13. I have a Handy Andy drill, would like to know about what year it was made, and about what its worth, just curious it was my Dads so won’t sell it.
    Its a Model 1-56 1/4 inch 1800 RPM Serial # 0009463. Works perfectly. I have the original red metal box and instruction manual all in pretty good shape.

  14. I have an old Handy Andy tool set. It belonged to an ex-boyfriend who left it w/ a bunch of other stuff that belonged to his grandfather. : ( I tried to return it but now I don’t know even how to reach him. I’d love it to go to someone that cares about it cuz I know his grandpa loved all that stuff and there is no family left. If you have any ideas – let me know.

  15. Danny

    I have been collecting The Wooden Boxed Handy Any tool kit for about 13 years now. At this time of my life i need to move and scale down my office space. I have 7 complete set in their wooden cases and each kit is complete and a few I think have never been played with or very little. would you be interested in the complete set ? before I go the eBay route……

  16. Danny,
    Where can I find information on the manufacture dates of the various boxes. I have been collecting them too, but cannot find a source for the dates of the various color and design of the boxes.

  17. Danny,
    I got a Handy Andy tool kit in the early 1940’s when I was about 6 or 7 yrs old. Most of the tools have been lost or broken although I still have a few of the original ones. I found a tool bok at a yard sale 4 or 5 years ago and paid $2 for it then placed what tools I still had and have added to the set to make it as near complete as I can remember the set being when I got it. I am going to have to down-size and am wondering what the value of the set I now have might be. Can you or one of the collectors out there might be able to give me a ballpark figure?
    Thanks, Clyde


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