Get More Power and Deeper Cuts with DeWalt’s New Circular Saw

When cordless circular saws first came out, they were a novelty. They were good for some jobs, but no replacement for a corded model. Well, they’ve gotten much better, and DeWalt has taken it to another level with the Flexvolt Advantage Circular Saw.

First off, it uses a full-size seven and a quarter-inch blade instead of smaller ones, so the depth of cut matches or exceeds their own corded saw. The degree of the bevel is also equal.

Jodi Marks holds DeWalt's new cordless circular saw on a Best New Product segment of Today's Homeowner
DeWalt takes power tools to a new level with its cordless circular power saw.

This battery-powered saw actually has a higher blade speed than the corded version by 300 RPMs! The reason is their Battery ID technology.

The saw knows when you pair it with their 20V or 60V Flexvolt batteries, so it can give you 77% more power than their regular existing 20V Circular Saw. That power means that this saw can do the same work as its corded cousins, and that makes your job easier.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find the Flexvolt Advantage Circular Saw at The Home Depot

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