Buying Tools vs. Renting Tools

If you’re like me, walking into a hardware store or home center can be dangerous. If I see a tool I don’t have, then I want it. But, in reality, there are tools that I simply don’t need. This is where it really pays to examine the option of renting a tool.

A good example is using a tiller, like this one. For about $400-$500, you can purchase one to use anytime you need it and it really is a great tool to have.

But here’s where you need to ask yourself, when would you use the tool again? Will you need it again before six months? If the answer is no, then consider renting. For about $50, you can rent a tiller, get the job done quickly and not even have to worry about maintaining the tool. So, before making another major tool purchase, ask yourself how often the tool would be used and consider the option of renting.


  1. i am looking for a tool you said sharpened mower blades and cannot find the manufacturer. or where to get it i would really like to find this and any help would be greatly appreciated. love the show as a carpenter for years i gain a lot of knowledge and tips from your show. I ALSO HAVE A TIP FOR A SKILSAW . IT IS CALLED CLEAR CUT BY D&K ENGINEERING OUT OF SAN CARLOS CALIFORNIA.BOUGHT IT ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO AND IT IS FANTASTIC.KNOW HOW YOU HAVE TO BLOW A LINE OFF WHEN RIPPING. THIS TOOL USES THE AIR FROM THE MOTOR AND BLOWS THE LINE OFF . WAS A TRAVELLING CARPENTER FOR YEARS AND EVERYWHERE I WENT, NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT. SKIL DOES NOT RECOMMEND IT BUT HAVE USED IT FOR 15 YEARS AND NEVER BURNT UP A SAW OR HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT…….CARPENTERS NEED TO KNOW

  2. I turned to hiring tools a while ago as I do odd jobs around the place and for other people, I find most of the time I need a specialist tool or piece of equipment that I almost never have. When you weigh up the cost of hiring as opposed to buying, like you said will I ever use the tool again or regularly to warrant a purchase. I found a website called a little while ago. But it allows me to browse what tool i need. I think its a bit more then a plaint directory website, its actually been quite useful for me and I have referred onto others who were looking to hire other bits and pieces.. its worth to have a look.. but anyway.. especially for me I find hiring tools etc allot cheaper for what I do anyway..

  3. I like how you point out that renting can be beneficial because you won’t have to buy and maintain a tool that you may only need to use once. I need to do some tilling in my backyard, and I am thinking of renting a tiller to get the job done. I’ll look around for a good place to rent one so that I can spend less money.


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