Advantages of a Propane Powered Leaf Blower

One way to make your yard work easier on the environment with propane powered lawn equipment like the LEHR Eco Blower and Eco Trimmer. Powered by clean burning propane, these award winning lawn and garden tools emit 70% less hydrocarbons, 96% fewer carcinogens, and 97% less particulates than gasoline powered models.


  1. It is a disgrace that the United States Government and the Oil Cartel will not let any other fuel, other than oil, become available for the general public to use. It is a win win situation for the entire planet not just one country. So, will this atrocity ever end? I doubt it in my life time and I am 70.
    I was lucky enough to get one of the LEhr propane weed eaters and it is the best thing that has happened to yard equipment period.

  2. I didn’t know such products existed until today. Very interesting. I don’t like using any type of tool that uses regular gas ..How does a propane tool work? How do you feed the propane into it? I am sure it is better for the environment.

    • Hi, Stephen!
      We’re not familiar with that business and only buy our leaf blowers at The Home Depot.
      Opening this question to the community.
      Any thoughts, y’all?


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