The Lightweight Milwaukee Hatchet Pruner

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The Milwaukee Hatchet is the perfect tool to use when pruning trees!

Tree pruning is one of those jobs that can take lots of time and effort, especially if you’re using a manual saw. And a full-size chain saw seems a bit too much, especially when you’re up on a ladder. So, Milwaukee came up with this, the M12 cordless 6-inch Hatchet Pruning Saw.

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The Milwaukee Hatchet has the power to cut 3-inch hardwoods and delivers up to 120 cuts per charge. But, at less than 5 lbs. with a compact design, it gives you more control and maneuverability in tight areas.

This tool features a full house chain, easy access chain tensioner, automatic oiler, metal bucking spikes and onboard storage for the scrench.

Not to mention less fatigue reaching up over your head.  The Brushless Motor delivers plenty of power and instant throttle response to make cutting a breeze. And even though it’s small, the saw has an easy access chain tensioner and automatic oiler like its larger cousins. 

The full house chain minimizes vibration and delivers clean cuts to your landscape. And the easy access chain tensioner allows for quick adjustments to chain tension.

To not slow you down, the automatic oiler delivers proper chain lubrication and increased productivity. Tie this together with the translucent oil reservoir so you have clear visibility of the oil levels.

The Milwaukee Hatchet is the perfect in-between pruner to ensure your trees stay healthy and well-groomed!

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