The DEWALT Carbon Fiber Tacker

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The DEWALT(R) Carbon Fiber Composite Squeeze Tacker won’t slow you down with unnecessary weight or strain. Carbon fiber composite makes it half the weight of a traditional tacker without sacrificing strength.

There are few household tools handier than a staple gun or Tacker…

But if you’ve used one very much you know there are some drawbacks…

First, they’ll wear your hands out because they’re so difficult to squeeze and most are pretty heavy for their size. The new DEWALT Carbon Fiber Tacker solves those problems with a Carbon Fiber Composite frame. It’s as strong as steel but 50 % lighter AND it’s also 25% easier to squeeze, thanks to the trigger design. That’s a big deal for jobs like screening in a porch.

Fastener loading can be a hassle with some tackers too, but this one features a quick and easy bottom load design and a “low fastener indicator”, so you know it’s time to reload before you start firing blanks.

It shoots both heavy-duty staples and 18-Gauge brads. And the belt hook is reversible so it’s useful whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

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