Volcanic Air Eroded My Tools, What Can I Do? | Ep. 39

An eroded wrench with a lot of rust.
Even the most rust-damaged hand tools can be revived.

On this Week’s Podcast:

• Have you ever heard about Vog? If you live in Hawaii or anywhere near volcanic activity then you surely have. It’s volcanic air pollution and a listener is getting advice for her brother who lives on Hawaii’s Big Island. His tools were damaged from vog; listen to learn how he can get them back in good shape.

• We tackle several questions from our hotline ranging from realigning a mailbox to creating a yoga/Tai Chi room filled with sand.

• A homeowner has a problem with his dishwasher. Sometimes floor tiling can trap the appliance in place. Here’s a trick to make room and not have to knock out the tile.

• Joe has a Simple Solution that will ensure your firewood stays dry through the winter months.

Question of the Week:

Bill in Virginia writes, “I’ve heard you discuss in podcasts the subject of damp crawlspaces.

On my most recent annual pest inspection, a higher than normal moisture level was indicated under my home, and I have been provided 2 options by crawl space contractors: 1) Replace my foundation vents with self-opening ones and add fans in the crawl space and 2) Seal up the vents and install a dehumidifier in the crawl space.

I appreciate any lessons learned/advise you might be able to provide for my decision.

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