Types of Hand Saws: How to Choose the Right One | Ep. 53

What you should look for when shopping for the perfect hand saw.

On this Week’s Podcast:

Saw Talk! There are many types of hand saws on the market. You’ve probably seen ripsaws, crosscut saws, backsaws, dovetail saws, coping saws, keyhole and compass saws, drywall saws and hacksaws at your local home center.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve seen these types of saws, but just didn’t know what makes each one different from the other.

No problem! The truth is, you don’t have to know the name of every hand saw, but it helps to know which hand saw to use for which home improvement project!

In this podcast, we’ve made it easy for you! We’ll just talk about the basics: hand saws with big teeth, hand saws with little teeth, and which one you should use for a given job.

Before the half-hour’s over, you’ll know when to choose which handsaw for the right project, so you can walk into the home center with confidence, or just know which hand saws to keep in your workshop as go-to tools.

Also: We help a homeowner in the middle of a shower renovation. They want to make sure it’s done right by putting up the correct material before the vinyl goes up.

• Joe has a Simple Solution to fix a loose baluster — all you need is a toothpick.

Question of the Week:

Donna writes, “I am currently building an addition to my home. The concrete finishers pouring my concrete slab for the foundation removed the plastic vapor barrier, so now I’m looking for suggestions to fix the problems. Should they fix it or is there another solution?” 

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