DIY Dumbwaiter, Discussing Garbage Disposals, & Hammering Help | Ep. 33

On this week’s podcast:

• We spoke with a listener about a DIY dumbwaiter installation video found on the Today’s Homeowner website. He is about to tackle this project himself, so Danny and Joe talk about how he can get the job done.
• A listener’s shower is covered with cement backer board. He needs it to be protected from moisture. Listen to find out what he needs to complete this project like a pro.

• Can you have a garbage disposal and a septic tank? There are several different ways to look at it; Danny and Joe give their suggestions.
• Joe has a Simple Solution to help you hammer in nails without hurting your fingers.

Question of the Week:

Brant from Iowa writes,

My daughter took a red dry-erase highlighter to the bathroom and has colored on the white grout. What is the best way to remove this and hopefully have white grout again?

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  1. Danny & Joe… I have @ 2 ft. of rotten fascia board in the middle of 20′ section. I also have a gutter over the entire span of fascia. I’d like to replace the rotten section of fascia board (I understand how to do that) without removing and re-hanging the gutter, but am trying to figure out how to cut the section of fascia board behind the gutter. Any suggestions???
    This project’s about 15 ft. off the ground and I’m working alone.

  2. Regarding a septic tank and a garbage disposal….. Our house came with both when we moved in 2 years ago. I’d never had a septic tank before so was VERY cautious and concerned about using the disposal. We use it but sparingly mostly because we (just the 2 of us) have 3 large compost bins outside where veggie and fruit scraps go along with shredded paper and coffee grounds, egg shells, leaves, garden refuse, etc. We never put grease down the disposal but do occasionally grind up lemon or orange peels in there for a good smell and maybe a treat (Ha Ha!) for the septic tank. And, on the advice of our plumber, we put 1 cup of RidX down the toilet once a month. I do believe that if more people composted, we’d have a LOT less waste in city sewage systems and we believe it’s helped to not overload our septic tank.


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