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Coping saw.

1. COPING WITH TENSION Ideal for making tight, precise cuts, this German-made coping saw has a 4 “-deep frame. It comes with a high-carbon steel blade, held under tension for making cuts on both hard and soft woods. The blade has 15 teeth per inch. Lee Valley Tools, (800) 871-8158,

Dual-bevel glide miter saw.

2. IT’S MITER PERFECT The 12SD dual-bevel glide miter saw offers pre-aligned Squarelock fences for precise cuts. Other features include a soft-grip ambidextrous handle, combination dust chute and vacuum adaptor, and miter scales with detents at common angles. Bosch Power Tools, (888) 919-7272,

5″ digital angle finder.

3. MARK THAT ANGLE The 5″ digital angle finder provides complete accuracy when measuring inside, outside, and reverse angles, enabling precise miter cuts. Measurements may be saved digitally, and an ergonomic locking knob saves the angle manually. General Tools & Instruments, (800) 697-8665,

4. A MULTI SCANNER The SuperScan K3 advanced wall scanner quickly finds wood studs while filtering out false positives. The scanner includes a DeepScan mode to identify wood and metal studs up to 1 “ deep, and a WireWarning detector that spots live electrical wiring. Zircon, (800) 245-9265,

Cleantec CT15.

5. FOR CLEANUP Save the motor on your household vacuum: clean up project areas with the Cleantec CT15. It’s portable and swiftly removes dust, dirt, and water. The HEPA-certified kit includes a self-cleaning filter bag, suction hose, and upholstery brush. Festool USA, (888) 337-8600,

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