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The Fast (and Neat!) Way to Wrap String Around a Spool

Winding nylon string around a spool by hand is too time-consuming. Here's the better, and faster, way to do it.

Why You Should Recycle Coffee Grounds for Gardening

Horticulturists praise coffee grounds for acidifying soil and enhancing plant growth. Here's how you can use them in your garden.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: The Inexpensive Alternative for Cleaning Grout

Don't waste money on expensive grout cleaner again! Toilet bowl cleaner works just as well for cleaning grout!

5 Ways to Use a Speed Square 

The ingeniously simple speed square is the most practical and useful hand tool for any carpenter or do-it-yourselfer. Here are five ways you can use it.

How to Use Bar Clamps to Steady Woodworking Projects

While woodworking, it's not always possible to have an extra set of hands. Here's how to use bar clamps as outriggers to keep your wood in place.

Fast Fix for a Stripped Screw Hole

If your door hinges are loose and you can’t tighten your wood screws, your screw hole has become stripped. Try this Simple Solution.
Measuring tape with card clipped with binder

Easy Way to Take Accurate Inside Measurements

Getting accurate measurements for inside corners is easier than you may think. Watch Joe Truini's Simple Solution to get it right the first time!
Joe Truini removing rust from tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools to Make Them Look Brand New

If your old tools are rusted or beginning to rust, don't throw them out! Here's how to clean them to look brand new.
“Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solution host Joe Truini sprays Rain-X on his shower door to remove unsightly water spots.

Easy Water Spot Remover for Your Shower Door

Does your glass shower door have water spots? Here's a secret water spot remover that you may already have without realizing it!