Natural Mosquito Repellents for Your Yard

To keep mosquitoes from biting without harsh chemicals:

  • Add 20 drops of an essential oil—like eucalyptus, cinnamon, or lemon oil—to two tablespoons of olive oil. Rub the solution on your skin.
  • Place a fan on your deck, patio, or porch so it blows on you to keep mosquitoes from landing.
  • Grow plants in your yard that mosquito don’t like, including marigolds, lavender, sage, rosemary, and lemon Thai grass.
  • Soak a sprig of fresh rosemary in water for a few minutes, and place it on a hot grill to create mosquito repellent smoke.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Allen Lyle: Etymologists have surmised that there are anywhere from six to ten million species of insects in the world. Now, we’re not going to talk about all of those. We’re going to talk about one today. But, come on, what would a summer survival guide be without a chapter on mosquitoes? I hate those things. Take an average-sized yard like this, put 50 people in it. Put me on that side and one mosquito on that side and that mosquito’s going to find me.

Now, for most people just an over the counter repellant is going to get you through the summer. But me, I don’t like spraying chemicals on my skin. So, here’s some chemical-free alternatives that you may want to think about. For topical applications. Just take about two tablespoons of olive oil and add some essential oil to it. About 20 drops of eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil. It’s actually is tingly on the skin. It feels great, it smells wonderful. But mosquitoes can’t stand it, so there’s a good option.

If you’re in one location, here’s something really simple. It involves nothing more than a fan. If you just stand in the way of a fan that’s moving the air pretty much prevents those mosquitoes from landing on you.

Around the yard, I love this tip. Think about this. They look nice, they smell good to you but mosquitoes can’t stand it. lavender, sage, lemon Thai grass, rosemary, very fragrant. Something this simple. Look, marigolds. These are beautiful flowers with a wonderful aroma. Mosquitoes do not like it. So, plant these around your yard.

Now, my favorite tip of all. If you’re doing any barbequing take a sprig of rosemary and soak it in water five to 10 minutes. And then when you’re ready to barbeque you take that sprig and put it on the grill, put it on top of the coals. It’s going to create this beautiful smoky aroma. Your own personal mosquito fogger, and here’s the best part, it’s going to make your steaks and hamburgers taste wonderful.



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