‘Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford’ Enters 21st Season on National Television, Expands to Canada

What to Expect

As one of the most respected, longest-running home improvement shows in the U.S., “Today’s Homeowner” has seen steady growth for viewership and reach during its 20-year history.
The show has undergone various changes in format, production and style over the years, but one thing has remained constant: the brand’s commitment to providing fresh, practical and trusted advice for maintaining and improving homes.

A unique feature of the show is the recent addition of Lipford’s daughter, Chelsea Lipford Wolf, as full-time co-host.

“I absolutely love working with Chelsea on the show and every week she amazes me with her knowledge of home improvement,” says Lipford. “I know I have taught her a lot but she has learned a lot on her own. It’s rewarding to see how she takes basic home improvement information and adds her own unique twist and personality to projects – that’s the kind of creativity our audience members really enjoy.”

Working as the exclusive father-daughter host team for syndicated home improvement TV in the U.S., Lipford and Wolf have a natural energy and on-camera camaraderie that viewers love. The duo brings the perfect balance of trusted expertise, enthusiasm and entertainment to inspire and empower audience members to take on projects in their own homes with confidence.

“There’s really no better feeling than updating something in your house with your own two hands,” says Wolf. “And that makes me and Dad the luckiest people in the world, to give that feeling to our audience each and every week!”

During this season of “Today’s Homeowner,” viewers can look forward to even more practical information to use in their homes immediately. Upcoming episodes will showcase several customization projects for kitchen and baths.
In addition, Lipford and Wolf will share trends, particularly in the areas of technology and outdoor living.
And finally, the audience will enjoy the opportunity to submit entries to appear in the annual “Curb Appeal Makeover” and “Win Danny and His Crew” contest episodes.

Season 21 kicks off this week with its premiere episode, “Customize Your Space,” in which Lipford and Wolf help a young family of five take care of a few problem areas in their home.
The duo work with Whit and Andrea Qualls to relocate a kitchen island for better traffic flow, and take down a cumbersome half-wall near their home’s entry to open up space. Viewers can find their local affiliate and air time here.

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