To Tree or Not to Tree?

The last time I put up a traditional Christmas tree, Houdini was beside himself – and he’s a large kitty, so that made quite a sight. If you have pets, I bet you already know what happened. It’s a dramatic story involving a spectacular illustration of the laws of gravity and physics, and it ends with me sweeping up shards of broken ornaments and tree needles at two in the morning, while he glared yellowly from the depths of a closet.

Since then I’ve gotten creative with decorating and have avoided climbable trees. Last year I adorned the house with decorated dogwood branches, berries, and garland, which spread the decorations around multiple rooms and made a festive backdrop for a holiday party. The year before, I was renovating and only managed a wreath, adorned with wintry drifts of sheetrock dust.

While I love traditions, I also love being open to new ideas – every year is different, and there are always new ways to enjoy old traditions while keeping the spirit of the occasion. This year, I’m looking ahead to lots of travel and seeking that balance between keeping things simple and enjoying the holiday spirit. I’m also casting appraising glances at the cat – he’s older, fatter, and lazier, but by no means out of the game.


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