Three Ways to Grow Onions in Your Vegetable Garden

Bunch of fresh onions on deck.

Method #3: Growing Onions from Seedlings

Another way to grow onions is to transplant young seedlings into your garden. Seedlings are for sale in garden centers in late spring.


This method is a procrastinator’s dream-come-true. Even if you missed the spring planting season, you can still have onions this year!

Growing onions from seedlings also takes the least time commitment of the three methods, and requires little work.


Buying seedlings is the most expensive of the three methods.

How to Grow Onions from Seedlings:

  1. Choose a green, healthy-looking flat of onion seedlings.
  2. You can transplant a week or two before the last frost date, but after the risk of any hard freezes has passed.
  3. Onions in basket.

  4. Set the plants outside for a few hours each day for about a week before you transplant them. This will “harden” the plants and prepare them to survive outdoors.
  5. Trim the sprouts to about 4″ to 6″ high with clean scissors on transplanting day.
  6. Dig a trench for the seedlings that will be deep enough to bury them slightly deeper than they were sitting in the flats.
  7. Carefully remove the seedlings from the flats and gently loosen the dirt off of the roots.
  8. Place the seedlings in the trench, about 4″ to 6″ apart.
  9. Cover the roots with soil until the ground is level, gently pat the dirt, and water the seedlings.

Now you’re ready to grow delicious onions!

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  1. An interesting article about growing onions, but how about one on how to eradicate wild onions in my perennial beds. Between the weeds and the onions this spring, I can’t even find some of the perennials.

    Love your show–I watch it every week.


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