The New Face of Around the Yard

Our Around the Yard site at has a new face! Gardening enthusiast Julie Day will be posting her insights, writing articles, and answering your questions concerning everything green.

Julie has been digging in the dirt since an early age and her passion for gardening and the outdoors shows. Find out more About Julie and read Julie’s blog on Around the Yard.

You can also e-mail your lawn and garden questions to Ask Julie, some of which will be answered on the site.

So whether it’s beating the summer heat through Landscaping with Drought-Tolerant Plants or finding out how to attract Hummingbirds in the Garden, Julie’s insights and information are sure to bring out your green thumb.


  1. I also have a love for “digging” per se. I want to drought friendly my yard. I have many ideas on how to get started however it would be beneficial if I got an expert opinion and at least some ideas. I live in Garden Grove and I don’t travel far plus I am on a limited income. Can you give me some ideas. I don’t want to hire a contract; want to do it on my own. Thanks


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