The Holidays Are Coming

Dining table set for Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s been a while since I have had a chance to write a piece for my blog, it’s been a little busy here.

We got our 10th season launched and I’m feeling pretty good. Thanks for all the great emails about the show especially those from the new cities we are now airing in.

More than ever, homeowners are really focusing on how they can save money this winter on their utility bills. Well, there won’t be any shortage of information out there because I have been doing either a newspaper or magazine interview every day for the last two weeks about that very subject. It makes sense, do a few simple things around the house now to save energy when it really gets cold. We have numerous articles on our site right now that can help you. If you have any questions, let us know.

We are getting some fantastic comments on the articles on our site. Check out the great advice that is coming in from all over the country.

Can you believe its all ready November? Holidays are coming and some of the best times of the year, plus more time to blog…..


  1. Here is a fast energy tip when you reach in for holiday leftovers.
    Close the fridge/freezer door on a dollar bill try this in several places around the door–if you can pull it out easy then you need a new door gasket–.
    The energy lost from bad gaskets can cost as much as 5 turkeys a month.
    Don’t waste yummy turkeys.

    John Cannamela


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