The 9-to-5er’s Guide to Keeping the Home Clean

3. Wash dishes and utensils after meals

Your dirty dishes can’t wait. Clean them right after meals to stay on schedule.

Keeping dirty dishes in the sink will attract unwelcome smells. Wash dishes and utensils right after meals to leave time for other chores.

4. Systematically clean the house

If you are not systematic, you will find yourself cleaning the same places repeatedly. When cleaning windows or drawers, start with the top parts. Let the lower areas and the floor be the last area to clean. If you start with the floor, you would have to clean it twice because what goes up must come down, and that’s certainly true when cleaning windows and drawers!

Use soapy water or disinfectant wipes to clean sinks and countertops. Once through with the top areas, clean the floor using a wet cotton cloth or a vacuum made for tile floors. The floor needs thorough cleaning because it can collect most of the dirt. Consider a hardwood floor vacuum to leave it sparkling.

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