Upgrading a Loft to a Bedroom for Just $500

Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Becky Nance build the sliding shutters

Build barn doors

We cut V-groove boards to the opening’s exact height, apply Titebond Wood Glue to each piece’s groove and then slide all the V-groove pieces together.

We use pipe clamps to hold all the boards together until we can get everything nailed in place.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf installs a track for the sliding shutters

Install barn doors

We install the sliding shutters on the side of the living room, because then, when they’re open, they’re a decorative element from below.

We don’t want Mike and Becky to see a gap from below, so we add a window sill.

We want these sliding shutters to cover all of the trim when they’re in the closed position, so we need to trim out the case opening to get the exact measurement.

We also:

  • Installed a bedroom door
  • Painted the walls and shutters

Chelsea Lipford Wolf, Mike and Becky Nance and Danny Lipford

Post-Production Thoughts

Mike and Becky have a great house, and the loft above the family room was an ideal spot for an office — but it was less than ideal as a guest room for the grandkids.

Now, the new wall we built and the doorway we added gives the space privacy and a little peace and quiet when it’s needed.

But the addition of the sliding shutters and the cased opening allows the couple to keep some of the openness they love about the house when they don’t have guests.

And we did it all for only about $500 in materials.

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  1. Danny, I didn’t see a thermostat in that bedroom conversion. However, I did see an airflow vent. The dust was very thick!


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