The Kuppersmith Project 12: Landscape & Garage

Danny Lipford in front of the completed Kuppersmith Project house

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The final touches are underway on the Kuppersmith Project before the decorators arrive. From landscaping and outdoor lighting to finishing the garage and installing door locks, my renovation of this historic 1926 home is almost complete.


After the lot around the Kuppersmith Project house had been graded to ensure proper drainage, composted pine bark mixed with manure was tilled into the soil to prepare the ground for planting. Holes were dug and hundreds of plants – including Japanese Yew, magnolia, hydrangea, Chinese pistachio, and Okame cherry – were planted in the yard following our landscaping plan.

Planting plants at the Kuppersmith Project house

Check out our plant list to see everything that was planted in the yard.

Before the grass sod was laid, landscape lighting was installed by Pinnacle Lighting Group, including light fixtures hidden in the trees to simulate moonlight. Information on the light fixtures used both in and outside the house is available in our lighting list.

Shrubs were planted around our Generac standby generator to hide it from view. The Nexus Smart Switch™, which transfers power from the house to the generator, was mounted on the garage wall next to the power meter.


To cool the attic space above the garage, a solar powered exhaust fan from Broan was installed. The fan draws its power from the sun, without the need for any electrical wiring.

Applying epoxy floor coating to garage floorInside the garage, the installation of our Gladiator GarageWorks storage system – including tool cabinets, hanging racks, and workbench – was almost complete.

The central vacuum system from NuTone was also mounted in the garage, with outlets scattered throughout the house. Since a central vacuum system doesn’t recirculate the air inside your home, like a traditional vacuum cleaner, a central vacuum system can reduce airborne dust and improve air quality.

The garage floor was cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry before finishing with a two-part epoxy coating from Rust-Oleum.

Finished garage floor

Mixing the two parts starts a chemical reaction that causes the finish to harden and bond to the concrete, so it’s important to apply the coating in the time period recommended.

Entry Door and Lock

Our new cypress front door, which was custom made to match the original, looks great, and the mock strap hinges we’ll be installing will really finish it off.

Schlage LiNK System door lockTo keep the house safe and secure, we installed the Schlage LiNK system. The system includes a combination deadbolt lock that hooks up wirelessly to the Internet so you can lock and unlock the door remotely from a smartphone or computer.

The LiNK system also allows you to change the combination on the lock, turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, and monitor the house through webcams from anywhere.

Interior Finishing

Inside the house, the CertaPro Painters were busy touching up the walls and trim. On the stairwell going up to the second floor, wallpaper was hung. Wallpaper was also applied to MDF panels, which will be hung on the walls in the dining room.

With all our plumbing fixtures installed, we could test out the ioDIGITAL shower and tub system with remote control from Moen.

Moen ioDIGITAL tub and shower control

This and other high tech features, such as the Phantom retractable screens and Velux motorized skylights, have really brought this 1926 home into the 21st century!

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