The Kuppersmith Project 11: Plumbing & Wiring

Danny Lipford in front of the Kuppersmith Project house

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With the heart pine floors stained and finished, my extensive renovation of the 1926 Kuppersmith Project house was one step closer to the finish line. But there was still a lot to be done, both inside and out, before the house could become the family friendly home I envisioned.

Plumbing Fixtures

Moen Lindley faucet and Lancelot sink in kitchenOur plumber began installing all the plumbing fixtures in the house, including our Moen Lindley faucet and Moen Lancelot sink in the kitchen of the house.

The Lindley faucet I selected includes a pull-out sprayer with both eco-performance and standard water flow settings as well as a separate soap dispenser.

To operate the garbage disposal in the sink, we installed a pneumatic air switch in the granite countertop, which is safer than an electrical switch.

Electrical Fixtures

Installing Broan-NuTone bathroom vent fanOur electrician was hard at work installing all the electrical outlets, wall switches, smoke detectors, paddle fans, and light fixtures in house.

Ultra silent Broan-NuTone vent fans were installed in the bathroom to remove any humid air from of the house.

When installing bathroom vent fans, it’s important to select the proper size vent fan, based on the square footage of your bathroom. Also, be sure to vent the fan outside, rather than in the attic, to prevent rot and mold.

Interior Painting Touch Up

Next, the CertaPro Painters rehung all the interior doors, which had been removed for painting, and did any touching up needed on the interior paint job.

Painting and Decorating Tip

Danny Lipford applying FrogTape painter's tape to wall to create border
To create a decorative touch on a wall in your home, paint the wall a contrasting color. When the paint is dry, apply strips of FrogTape painter’s tape to form a border. Paint the wall, and peel off the tape to expose a contrasting border.

Door Hardware

Danny Lipford installing Schlage locksets on interior doorsOnce the interior doors had been hung, it was time to install the brushed nickel interior door locksets from Schlage which I had selected.

Installing locksets like these is a much simpler, do-it-yourself project for homeowners than it used to be, thanks to improvements in the ease of assembly and fast alignment of the parts. These locksets were simple to install in no time!

Landscaping the Yard

Meanwhile outside, holes were being dug in the yard and hundreds of plants set in place, including river birch trees, hollies, azaleas, and camellias in accordance with our detailed landscape plan. In addition, a row of Japanese yews were planted along the border of the lot to provide a privacy screen.

To find out more, check out our list of landscaping plants to see everything that was planted in the yard.

Moving plants to install in yard

Plants were also carefully positioned to hide the air conditioning units and our Generac generator. When positioning plants around an outdoor appliance, be sure to allow enough room for the plant to grow and space for the appliance to work properly.

Cypress shutters were custom made on site for the front of the house by joining three boards together using beveled cleats.

Tools used on the Kuppersmith project provided by Ryobi.

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Drilling holes for handles in cabinet door using drilling jig

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Cabinet Hardware Drilling Jig

When installing cabinet hardware, it’s important that the screw holes are aligned properly. To do this, make a jig from scrap plywood with strips attached to the jig at right angles to act as stops. Hold the jig in place on the cabinet door, and drill the aligned holes through it.

Echo Pro Attachment Series motor

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Echo Pro Attachment Series

The Echo Pro Attachment Series (PAS) lawn tools for your yard has a motor with interchangeable attachments – including a string trimmer, edger, and blower – purchased separately. Echo PAS tools come with a five year warranty and are available at The Home Depot.

LED bulb for recessed light fixture

Thinking Green with Danny Lipford:
Eco-Friendly LED Bulbs

LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes) are both energy efficient and last much longer than either incandescent or CFL bulbs. While still expensive, LED lights are now available for recessed and other lighting applications both inside and outside your home.


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