Tackling Flood Fixes in Houston

Danny and Chelsea finished building this ramp that retired homebuilder John Howard started himself.

NEW RAMP: Next, the team took a look at the ramp John started building out back. It’s amazing to see what this guy has accomplished all by himself!

“John is very strong-willed and he always loved the challenge anyway,” Donna said.

Chelsea cuts the wood boards, including 2×6 stiffeners to keep the handrail steady, and Danny nails them to the ramp.

The pair finishes installing joists for the ramp and then attaches the handrail posts.

Danny waves to the camera before installing Rockwool insulation under the Howards’ home.

INSULATION REPLACEMENT: The Howards’ insulation underneath the house is damaged from flooding, so we install Rockwool, a product made from a rock-based mineral fiber.

This insulation is moisture resistant, yet vapor permeable. If it gets damp, it will maintain its original performance characteristics after it thoroughly dries.

To install this insulation, you just squeeze up and it fits between the joists. We then added tension wires to ensure it stays in place.

Rockwool is inorganic, so it provides no food source for mold growth.


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