Tackling Flood Fixes in Houston

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Danny Lipford, left and right, visit with homeowners Donna and John Howard in Houston.

In this episode, Danny and Chelsea help Houston couple John and Donna Howard with some flood fixes following Hurricane Harvey.

“I was diagnosed in ’97 with MS (multiple sclerosis); I was told I couldn’t have this kind of house,” John Howard, a retired homebuilder, said of the couple’s two-story home.

That didn’t deter John, who got the dream home that he and his wife wanted.

However, during Hurricane Harvey, 50 inches of rainfall surrounded the couple’s home and created some challenges. Water submerged their two air conditioning units and damaged insulation under the home.

Those added to another challenge: John started building a ramp that would make it easy to roll up and down his riding lawn mower and scooter, but he can only do so much, little by little.

Not to worry — Danny, Chelsea and some local helpers can fix these issues!

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