7 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Australian shepherd puppy waiting by window
Your dog doesn’t have to miss out on the Great Outdoors — not when you install a pet door in a window. (DepositPhotos)

5. Provide Outside Access

Pet doors are a great way to allow a dog or cat easy access to the outside on demand. Pet doors, such as those from Patio Pacific, come in various sizes that can be installed in doors, walls, screens or widows.

Pet door with dog coming out

6. Prevent Pet Damage to Your Home

To keep dogs and cats from damaging the foam weather stripping on the door to your home:

  • Remove the damaged weather stripping by pulling it out of the groove.
  • Replace it with new weather stripping that fits your door.
  • Cut a strip of solid vinyl lattice molding to the height of the door casing.
  • Nail the lattice in place over the weather stripping to prevent access.
  • Set the nails below the surface, and fill the holes with spackling.

To protect corners on walls, doors, and cabinets from scratching, install clear plastic strips to cover the area using nails in predrilled holes.

7. Make Pets More Comfortable 

Cats often like to sit on a windowsill and look outside, but the standard window stool isn’t wide enough to provide a comfortable perch. To remedy that problem:

Installing shelf board on windowsill
  • Use a pry bar and hammer to remove the existing window stool.
  • Cut a solid wood shelf board to the proper length.
  • Use a jigsaw to notch the shelf board around the window casing.
  • Fit the shelf board into position on the window, and attach it with finishing nails.
  • Cover the nail holes and joints with caulk.
  • Prime and paint the shelf board.

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