Making Exterior Repairs

Replacing Rotten Fascia Boards

We could replace this rotten fascia with more wood, but instead we’re going to use cellular PVC material, which will never rot.

Since there is already a seam in one of the boards, we can simply tap the damaged piece outward until we are able to pry it up and loose from the framing.

To replace it we’re using cellular PVC material, which cuts and shapes like wood and can be fastened with nails like wood. It also costs more than ordinary wood, but it will never rot, no matter how wet it gets.

For the next section of facia we need to replace, we have to cut our own seam. Vinny pushes up the drip metal and shingles so I can get to the top edge of the facia board with my jigsaw.

After that, the process is the same as before, and then we caulk the seams.

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