Making Exterior Repairs

Replacing Shutters’ Slats

We could purchase new shutters, but that would be pricey. Instead, we rebuild a portion of this broken shutter and fill it with paint sticks for slats.

Some of the shutters’ slats and part of a shutter rail are missing, so we have a budget-friendly way to replace those slats: paint sticks!

After we rip some paint sticks to the proper width on a table saw, we sand them, notch the ends like the originals and seal them with primer.

Then I coat the edge of the existing shutter rail with lipstick so I can transfer the pattern for the slots to the new rail I’ve created. Then I use a spiral saw to cut out the slots before putting the rail and bottom piece together. Then it is simply a matter of inserting the slats and screwing the assembly in place.

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