Stunning Transformation for a Farmhouse Front Porch

Install Ceiling Fans and Light Fixture

We removed some siding on the front porch so our electrician, Jeremy, can install a new light fixture and two ceiling fans.

We prime all sides of the replacement siding to lock moisture out and make sure the siding lasts a lot longer.

We also:

Post-Production Thoughts

We’ve put some sparkle back into this old home. The wall, ceiling, floor and steps all look bright and new thanks to some cleaning and fresh paint.

While the light and fans will make it more comfortable, the repaired columns have been returned to their former glory and the natural beauty of that old front door has been restored, complete with a functional and newly polished lock.

The shutters and lattice we added not only coordinate with the door, but they also fit perfectly with the character and charm of this beautiful old farmhouse. 

And all these materials cost less than $1,000!

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