Fast Fall Fixes for Your Backyard

Store generator in storage room


Only run generators away from the house and any open windows, and never run them under a covered area.

It’s good to have backup power when you need it, whether that’s because of a hurricane or a winter storm.

This model from Champion runs on gasoline or propane, which is important because after a major storm gas stations are often closed.

When the generator is running, be sure it is away from the house or open windows and never under a covered area or in a garage.

Other tasks

  • Trim tree limbs and revamp the tree ring
  • Add new landscaping around the patio
  • Paint the home’s backside and remaining exterior doors
  • Spray-paint patio furniture and add new cushions



John and Rebecca’s patio now has a paver border that we built with Pavestone blocks.

John and Rebecca’s backyard had some great spaces to enjoy but they were all showing the wear and tear of the home’s age. There was water-damaged wood on the house itself and the paint had seen a few too many seasons change.

The seams in the dingy patio gave away its history and though it was large enough, it wasn’t much to look at. And the decorative tree ring in the back had deteriorated to the point it was no longer decorative.

Replacing the old gutters and adding new ones solved the water woes, so we could replace the rotten wood and install a brand-new door. All of which got a fresh coat of paint and cost less than $700.

Adding score joints, some concrete stain and a cool paver border made the patio look more like a planned destination than an accident and required just around $500 for materials.

Plus, we cleaned and re-stacked the aging tree ring, re-positioned some trees and added some order to the landscape.

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